TEMS. (Founded 1992)

The Travel and Earth Mysteries Society is for people with an enquiring mind and an interest in unexplained phenomena and historical areas of study loosely labelled earth mysteries. TEMS is a social and study group for people in *West and South- West London, Middlesex & Surrey. *(Berks, Essex, Herts and Sussex are also represented)

TEMS is now essentially Internet based with just an occasional meeting largely for social purpose and an occasional field trip covering such things as ancient sites, crop circles, dowsing, folklore, ghosts, healing, ley lines, old churches, sacred wells, UFOs, anomalous animals and challenging issues.

The Society covers similar subject areas to those of ASSAP. It is not a cult group, and advocates a balanced approach between the intuitive and analytical faculties. This leaves ample scope for exploring new ideas.

The Society is non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian. As well as ocasional meets and field trips an email list is used for notifications and discussions of related subjects that get the attention of members. Membership is free with nominal charges for organised events.

To join the email list please also include a few details such as address and interests.

TEMS Co-ordinators  Email for information.